OOhh Fall/Winter 2018

We have been strongly inspired by the art of handicrafts and the simplicity in details when designing the new 2018 Fall and Christmas collections.

All the products from OOhh are made by hand but this season we have chosen to focus on the visibility of the many effects we are able to create in our new collections: Pure, Granite, Collage and Mist. Each product is unique with its own story created by the ladies who hand paint the products.

We have also experimented with the details on several of our pots. We have created our new Gift Pot which only need a plant to make the perfect gift. Alternatively, a beautiful fresh flower creation can be made to impress.

Our new impressive Art Pot is designed with 100 layers to create the most fantastic shape in the middle of the vase and for our new Copenhagen pots we are inspired by the fancy 70’s and the Danes affection for unique design and functionality combined in the same product.

We have again expanded our Interior collection with more of the popular wall racks, knobs and nice new candle holders such as Pure, Mist and Mirror Candle Holder.

The chosen colors which are used throughout the collection are warm and fuzzy tones such as Wine, Petroleum and Taupe. We want to create focus on the home and cozyness and feel that these warm colors add depth and calmness.

The Christmas Collection also have focus on these colors as well as the famous ‘hygge’ feeling and peace in the home. We have developed a new beautiful range made from recycled paper including the new clever waterproof cones for fresh flowers or leaves or simply as a traditional decorative cone. We are also very excited about our new Christmas designs made from recycled Hessian. A well-known material which again signal warmth and cozyness.

We look forward to a fantastic Fall and Christmas season with focus on presence and warmth.