OOhh Spring/Summer 2018

We were inspired by the light, the warmth and the lightness in our new spring/summer 2018 collection.

OOhh launches several new series of beautiful pots in the new summer colors; Signature Blue, Terra Rosa and Valley Green in our Florence Pots. Our popular creased baskets are launched in a new and exciting ‘Shopping Bag’ shape that makes them ideal for plants and storage of various interior. At the same time, we launch our new Pure Pots – these are hand painted, which gives a nice structure and effect on the pots. From the new series, we also have Lotus Cups, New York, Alba, Flower Bags and Twined Paper Baskets.

OOhh outdoor has got a new nice member – the ‘RAW’ pot. In the design, our popular eco-felt is combined with rubber from the inner hose in the wheels of the many 3-whelers (tuc tuc) carrying people around cheap in Sri Lanka. RAW also has a nice rubber hanger that makes it possible to hang up the pots. Furthermore, RAW is supplied with a plant bag in biodegradable plastic.

OOhh interior/office has gone one step further. We introduce knobs, racks, mirrors and frames in cement finish and a nice new collection of functional wood trays. A whole new collection of great office and storage items has been launched in our eco-felt. It includes new trays, storage boxes, memory boards, etc.

We are looking forward to a nice spring and a beautiful light summer.