OOhh Fall/Winter 2019

Our FW19 collection is highly inspired by showing the beauty in our different types of paper. Our wish is to create simple and unique products which are recognized by the extra OOhh detail.

We have worked a lot with our new No Waste concept. In this No Waste concept we focus on using all our excess paper waste from normal production like the cut-off corners etc which used to add up to 20.000 tons of paper waster per year. The fact that we can reuse this waste product internally mean that we no longer have to transport waste from production to be reproduced into new recycled paper and then transported back.

The No Waste collection will add our new Graphic Mix pots, Hanoi trays, Leaf ornaments, Leaf Triangle pots and new Christmas decorations. Common factor for all No Waste products is the opportunity to create new beautiful patterns and structure in this paper.

We will also introduce our new Munich and Helsinki collections. These are characterized by the simplicity and the details. Both series compliment each other well in the colors black and cognac.

We have added our popular Pine Green color to our popular Florence pots and new Graphic Mix pots. This color beautifully match our Pine Green candles from Vance Kitira.

We have expanded our always popular OOhh Christmas Collection with the new stunning Xmas Star deco sticks as well as a nice collection in the No Waste material.

We look forward to a fantastic Fall and Winter season with focus on simplicity and elegance and of course with our environment in focus.