The story behind UASHMAMA

Marco Marconi, is the founder of UASHMAMA and together with his wife, co-founder of “Le Sorelle” also the creative soul of the company. The company furthermore includes the couples’ four daughters Chiara, Giulia, Gemma and Gaia. Marco has a long experience in the women’s footwear field and leather world, which he has transformed into the concept of UASHMAMA. UASHMAMA is a name, a project of life, to be experienced all around. The story behind the name, UASHMAMA, is that the family wished to dedicate something to the beloved mother and the name UASHMAMA should lead your thoughts to a mother washing clothes for her children. In many ways UASHMAMA reflects the Italian family: it is modest and one of a kind like each of the four sisters, elegant like the mother and very creative, innovative and functional like the father – the man with all the ideas.