OOhh Spring/Summer 2020

Our SS20 collection offer lots of exciting news in our ranges made from recycled paper, glass and ceramic as well as exciting new carpets and organic scented candles from Vance Kitira. Our main objective has been the wish to create simple unique products which can create even more synergy between the product groups than before.

The new Madrid range offers gorgeous spring colors like Ocean Green and Misty Pink in our No Waste Paper. The No Waste concept focus on reusing all of our leftover paper from our regular production. So all of our small cutoff corners etc. which used to add up to 20 tons waste per year are now reused internally and no longer transported away in order to be reproduced into new recycled paper and then returned to us.

The new Champagne color is a stunning and elegant color which we successfully launched in the Vance Kitira candles in FW19 and which we now introduce as a strong newcomer to our range of recycled glass. Please see the exciting new glass products in the Barcelona and Valencia ranges. Combine the new stunning Barcelona trays with the beautiful Vance Kitira candles in the champagne color.

The Wave Stack Collection is an amazing new range in our sustainable ceramics collection. Combine to your every need – all products can be combined on the nice Wave Trays. Perfect match for the bathroom, kitchen, office etc.

We are also very proud to introduce our new Recycled Rugs. These rugs are made from leftover material from the textile industry in Sri Lanka. A very exciting new product which can be used on the floor or as wall décor.

Check out our new gorgeous Coco Rice Wax scented candles from Vance Kitira as well as the new Mint Green color in the Vance Kitira Timber Candle selection.

We look forward to a fantastic spring/summer season in 2020 where stunning designs created with sustainability in mind continue to be focus point for Lübech Living.